Bank of America Jobs Coming or Not?


Last night, Eyewitness News told you that the Bank of America location on Horatio Street in Utica will be adding new jobs to the area.

Tonight Eyewitness News reporter Nicole Todd has more details on this announcement.

Yesterday it was announced that more jobs will be coming to the North Utica location.  However, more information has been released about this “expansion”.

Bank of America will be moving some of its existing jobs in North Utica to other locations.  The bank is adding new jobs there.

However, current employees are not guaranteed to get any of them.

I spoke with Market President Michael Brunner on what this expansion will include.  He was unable to speak on camera about the transfer of jobs, but released this statement…

“…in the event they are not selected or choose not to apply for the new roles, they will, by mid-next year, be laid off from their current role, so we wanted to give employees as much notice as possible to begin to prepare for their transition.”

The North Utica location will be converted into one of the bank’s largest contact centers, increasing their customer support center for phone and online banking.

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