Back To School: The School Lunch Program

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As we get ready to put a wrap on summer – it’s back to school for students, teachers and staff.We take a closer look at the school lunch program.

The 79th Congress, back in 1946, recognized the need for such a program. Since then – quite a bit has changed.

Schools here in Central New York schools say they have a plentiful amount of options to choose from.

Brother and sister Gino and Jordonna Spina both have differing opinions on the food at Whitesboro High School. Gino loves the pizza, but says his school has a good variety. Gino says “they have pizza, tacos, chips, turkey and gravy, hot dogs, popcorn chicken, chicken nuggets, milk, water, ice cream, applesauce or something, and sometimes they have the fruit cups.”

Jordonna, who is going into eleventh grade says she hasn’t touched her school lunch since elementary, saying, “Everything seems like its like frozen and thawed out. I tried it once in elementary school and i never like.. tried it again.” But there remains a chance for Jordonna and others to maybe grab a school lunch.

Eyewitness News will follow up on school food options here at home this week and give you a tour of the facilities and the products they serve to your children.

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