Back to School: The importance of Physical Education

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Wednesday was the first day back at Remington Elementary School in Ilion, and Physical Education teacher, Donna Costin’s students are already dancing and jumping their way through gym class.

“Having the kids just come down and move is really important. A Lot of the kids don’t go outside and play anymore. I find that I’m teaching them how to play and how to move and have fun,” said Costin.

“Keeping them moving for the entire time frame of the special is really important for us,” said Remington Elementary Principal, Jeremy Rich.

At Remington Elementary, Costin says the focus of P.E. class is “lifetime fitness,” where it’s not typical activities like basketball and baseball.

“I play a lot of music, so I like them to move and we do the loco motor skill marathon, they move to the music and immediately you see the kid’s faces light up,” she said.

Getting kids to stay active is an essential to a healthy lifestyle, and not only is it good for the body, it can also benefit some teachers in the academic aspect.

“The kids maybe perform a little better because they do get to let some of their energy out. I know a lot of teachers like the days that they have Phys Ed., especially toward the end of the week,” said Costin.

And Mrs. Costin says she wants her students to be active beyond the 35 minutes that they’re in class.

“We started a morning walking club where the kids come in twice a week for 20 minutes before the school day even starts, and we tell the kids you can walk here and you can walk at home, walk to get ice cream, walk to the playground, so we try to incorporate that as well,” said Costin.

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