Back to School, How a Local Teacher is Preparing


It takes a lot of effort and dedication putting a classroom and a curriculum together, but you wouldn’t know from the excitement and anticipation of this teacher.

“I still have to put the label on it that says we’re gonna have a sweet year,something like that!” said second grade teacher at Albany Elementary School, Nicole Dziedzic. 

School won’t start for another week but she’s been preparing all summer, and today she’s leaving little candy pieces on each students desk. She doesn’t even know them yet and already is making them feel special.

“I want the kids to feel welcome and be like wow this is my room and really enjoy their space, you know?”

Every wall in her class room has been carefully planned and decorated. From daily activities the kids will do to inspiring messages.

“That’s a really fun part for me, I love being able to come up with an idea or a theme.”

But often times keeping things fun and interactive on the walls of a classroom is expensive and out of their own pockets.

“It is! Our own pockets just so it’s the best for the kids you know and they enjoy being in the space.”

For Mrs. Dziedzic the planning is a talent in itself. It’s scavenging for sales at target and the dollar store. It’s nights of planning, days spent in the classroom, preparing away from her family.

“Those boards over there are gonna be our math board and our English language arts board and up there we’ll have objectives for the day, our learning targets, why are we learning this of course, vocabulary!”

Dziedzic said her 4th grade teacher inspired her to work as hard as she does now. It was the little games and activities that have followed her in her 13 years of teaching.

“It’s just things like that that stick with you that I’m hoping I’m creating for my students. My goal for them is that they will love to learn, they will try hard no matter, what even when it’s hard for them and they’ll get a long with each other.”

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