Back to School: Drivers use caution near school buses

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You might not see them out on the road just yet, but by the end of this week, school buses are set to be out in full force.

“You’re going to see the buses all over. Not only during the school day, but all the extra curricular activities and sporting events,” said Oneida County Sheriff, Robert Maciol.

With the wheels on the bus turning all day long, law enforcement says a big part of keeping kids safe, is making sure drivers on the road are taking extra precautions.

“Once you see that bus coming with the yellow lights on, prepare to stop. Once the red lights are on, you must stop. No one can pass a stopped school bus,” said Sheriff Maciol.

And for those who do pass, officials say they’ll have to pay a price.

“When you’re looking at a first offense in New York State, a minimum of $250 dollar fine upwards to $400, and or 30 days in jail and on top of that, any convictions for passing a stopped school bus carries a five point penalty on your driver’s license,” said Maciol.

So how do the penalties stand in Central New Yorker’s eyes?

“The fines are fine, the points are fine. I think people need to make a stand,” said Anita Nackley of New York Mills.

“I don’t think anybody should be running stop signs anyways, especially when school is in session. When it comes to the safety of the kids, you can never be to careful,” said A.J. Whiteley.

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