Avoiding Holiday Texting Scams and Package Thefts


ONEIDA COUNTY, N.Y. (WUTR-TV) — This is the time of year where people are rushing to finish up holiday shopping, and with the pandemic, many have turned to ordering gifts online. This also gives scammers more opportunities to take advantage of online shoppers.

“I think this year we’re seeing I mean since Cyber Monday we’ve seen basically an explosion in these type of scams, texting scams where you actually receive a message.” – Sheriff Robert Maciol, Oneida County Sheriff’s Office

You could get a text from what appears to be a company like FedEx or UPS, with a link or a phone number. Sheriff Maciol says to never click on them or call without making sure it’s not a scam.

“Unfortunately people will click on the link and now again the person that’s I guess you could say’s overseeing this whole scam now they have access to potentially the information that’s on your phone.” – Sheriff Robert Maciol, Oneida County Sheriff’s Office

If you’re unsure, then check the item’s tracking number. Another issue has been packages getting snatched from a person’s doorsteps.

“Unless you’ve got someone at home to watch for the package or you’ve got a neighbor watching for the package. Unfortunately those that can’t, some do fall victim to having their packages just taken. It’s just unfortunate especially this time of year.” – Sheriff Robert Maciol, Oneida County Sheriff’s Office

Sheriff Maciol says if you have ring doorbell or another surveillance system, you can send that footage to their office. If you’ve fallen victim to one of these scams, immediately contact your bank to report stolen information, and reach out to law enforcement.

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