Aubain in court: Status on psychiatric report


Naythen Aubain, 29-years-old of Utica, is accused of murdering his 90-year-old grandmother, Katherine Aubain and her 78-year-old landlord, Jane Wentka, inside their Tilden Ave. apartment.

Since Aubain was found competent to stand trial in October, the defense is now trying to determine if he was mentally ill or had a mental defect during the time he allegedly committed the murders.

Aubain was in court on Dec. 4, 2019 for a status on the psychiatric report. Oneida County Court Judge Bauer adjourned court until today for a completion date.

Adam Tyksinski, Aubain’s public defender, says the report is still not complete, “We put in a lot of work and I believe that the report itself is getting completed. We’re just requesting from the court a little bit more time to put it all together.

Judge Bauer gave the defense a three week extension. Aubain will appear in court on Jan. 29, 2020.

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