ATVs and reckless driving charges in Utica


UTICA, NY (WUTR-TV) — Most of the ATV accidents seen by the Oneida County Sheriff’s Office are usually in rural areas, but ATVs have been an issue the most urban parts of the county.

ATVS are illegal to ride anywhere in New York State on paved public roads. This year particularly, the Utica Police Department has been dealing with many reckless ATV riders. Just last week, the department issued 26 traffic tickets and misdemeanor offense of fleeing an officer to a person on a four wheeler and 14 traffic tickets along with the same misdemeanor charge to an individual on dirt bike.

“During a course of pursuit, obviously every time they violate a vehicle and traffic law that includes traffic control devices that a separate ticket, so during the course of the pursuit if they run seven stop lights, 7 traffic signs, do not signal things in that nature each one is going to be issued a ticket based on the separate citation,” says Sgt. Michael Curley.

It is legal to drive these four wheelers on your own property, the issue comes down to those who recklessly drive them, and police says there are consequences to those who drive them illegally. “Our main issue with the safety of the public, our officers and ultimately those operating the ATV. Those individuals that engage in pursuit and make actions to endanger the public, certainly are going to be dealt with appropriately. They are going to be issued the proper citations, their motor vehicle is going to be towed and impounded and ultimately arrested, based on the status of the driver’s license for recklessness,” says Curley. Overall, protecting the public’s safety and those driving these four wheelers is one of the department’s top priorities.

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