On march 12th, a permissive dialing period began. What this means is that residents are encouraged to begin dialing with the area code first, even for a local call in the 3-1-5 area code,
so instead of dialing just the seven digit number, the public service commission wants you to dial ten digits, as a way to begin getting people used to the new method before February 11, 2017.
That is the date in which all calls must be made using the area code first, otherwise you will receive a message from the operator asking you to hang up and try your call again.
Finally on March 11th of 2017, all calls within and between area codes 315 and 680 must be placed using their area code first, then the number.
Eyewitness news spoke with the Senior Vice President of Northland Communications earlier today regarding if there is any concern over automatic alarms for security breaks or for fire emergencies.

Brian Healey, the Senior Vice President of Northland communications says, “I had a good conversation yesterday with Tim Reilly from REM fire out in Rome. And they handle a lot of fire alarm systems, and we had talked about how the new overlay is going to impact it, and predominately the majority of the security companies, they dial out to an 800 number, a toll free number, an 866, an 877. So there really should be no impact.”

And if you have an number with a 315 area code that will not change, nor will your rates change with your provider.  

A link to the PSC website for the changes is available here: http://www3.Dps.Ny.Gov

    Last July, the New York Public Service Commission approved an overlay for the 3-1-5 area code.
    It’s a new area code, added to the same geographic region as an existing area code.