Annual Mohawk Fireman’s Field Days Especially Important This Year

Annual Mohawk Fireman's Field Days Especially Important This Year_5947977092166731332

The annual Mohawk Fireman’sField Days kicks off Thursday evening and preparations are underway.  Although the three-day event filled withcarnival rides, a parade, food, drinks and live music happens every year in thevillage, the Field Days will have a particularly special meaning this year.

It has been a verydifficult year for the Village of Mohawk. First the devastating shootings back in March then the stress of aschool district merge and most recently, the flooding.  The Fireman’s Field Days are almost here andthe community finally has something positive to look forward to.  Residents say the past few months have beenextremely difficult.

“It’s just been nonstop,” saysNicole Green, parade coordinator for the Field Days.  “It seems like something is always happeningaround here lately, it has just been ridiculous.”

Green, along with othervolunteers, has been working to plan the annual Mohawk fireman’s field days forthe past several months and this year, the event is more important than everfor the community.

“It takes their mind off theshooting, the flooding, it gives them something to look forward to instead ofhaving to clean everything out and rekindle their lives,” said Green.

Green is not alone in hoping the FieldDays will help the village bounce back and band together.

“It gets the community out, afterwhat happened with the shooting and the flooding in Mohawk here, I think it’s agreat event for the people to come out and have a good time, put the otherthings behind in their mind,” said Mohawk resident Jeff Wilson.

“Hopefully this is the beginningof a good month, you know so we can get rid of all that other stuff there,”says Bernie Sommer, the former Chief of the Mohawk Fire Department.

The Grand Marshall in this year’sparade will be John Seymour, now known as ‘John the Barber,’ who was one of thevictims of the shootings back in March. Residents and event coordinators say Seymour will help shed a positivelight on the shooting tragedy.

“We’ve had a couple rough spotsthis year with the shooting and then with the flooding recently it’s been veryhard on the residents of the village so, I think this will be a good thing forthem to get out, enjoy themselves a little,” said Irene Sweet, former Mayor ofMohawk and current firefighter.

This year’s parade will bein honor of Harry Montgomery Senior, a fire corps volunteer who was killed inthe shootings.

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