America’s newest Citizens


UTICA, NY—– A Naturalization Ceremony was held at the United States District Court in Utica.

This morning, 60 people from 25 countries around the world gathered alongside their friends and families to become American citizens. 

One of the people recognized today is Flavia Carrion, who is originally from Nicaragua. 

“I feel wonderful. Thanks to God, he gave me the opportunity to become a U.S. Citizen,” said Carrion. 

Now that she is a citizen, she wants to pursue her dreams of helping others.

“I’m going to get my G.E.D. and i’m going to study to take care of elderly people or special need people,” Carrion stated.

Like Flavia Carrion, Bruce Pegg decided to become a U.S. citizen as well.

“It’s just one of those points in your life, where you want to be a full part of country that you have lived in for so long,” explained Pegg.

Pegg moved to America from the United Kingdom when he was 21 years old. He is excited to now have full U.S. privileges.

“It’s great! It’s wonderful,” said Pegg.” I’m really looking forward to being able to vote and to take advantage of being a citizen.”

He said today’s naturalization ceremony was very special.

“Sitting in that room today and watching everybody and all their different stories and their different countries and backgrounds, it’s very inspiring,” Pegg explained. “It’s nice to see that this country has it’s arms open to people of different backgrounds and different political situations.”


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