EXCELSIOR SPRINGS, Mo. (WDAF) — A driver delivering for Amazon was found dead after a suspected dog attack in Missouri on Monday night.

Ray County sheriff’s deputies responded to a call about an Amazon truck that had been parked in front of a house off Highway O for several hours in the area of Excelsior Springs.

When deputies arrived, they found the driver dead in the front yard.

The sheriff’s office said the victim had injuries consistent with an animal attack, and two dogs that appeared to be aggressive were spotted at the scene.

Deputies shot one dog outside, after which it went inside the home through a dog door. The fire department said they could hear dogs in the house.

The sheriff and two others went inside the house and killed both dogs.

The sheriff’s office could not immediately confirm whether the dogs were the cause of death but said the animals acted aggressively toward deputies.

“Due to the fact of the nature of some of the injuries to the male driver, we can’t confirm or deny if they were the cause of the death of the driver,” Sheriff Scott Childers said, referring to the dogs. “However, we wanted to be safe.”

Amazon told WDAF that the company is “looking into this horrible tragedy and will work with law enforcement as they continue to investigate.”

Authorities said the homeowners who own the dogs were out of town when the incident occurred.