Alda to Speak at Rome STEAM Conference


He’s won seven Emmy’s and six Golden Globes throughout his 40-year career on stage, on TV and in major motion pictures.

However when he wasn’t working on his craft, Alan Alda has been heavily interested in learning about science.

“In a way I had I had a background of being curious and interested from the time I was a little kid. I remember when I was six I took apart my mother’s watch to see what was under the case to find out how it worked.”

Best known for his role in the hit show ‘MASH’, his 11 years hosting ‘Scientific American Frontiers’ was the key in finding ways to have open dialog with some of the most brilliant thinkers in the world. Which led to his creation of the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science.

“We’ve trained scientists all throughout the world, and we have 17 universities and medical schools that are affiliated with us. There’s a clear need for it and scientists and medical professionals have responded so it’s just really exciting for me it’s a dream come true.”

Alda will be one of several in the field of technology, chemistry, physics and biology seeking to impart their wisdom on new scientists at next week’s project Fibonacci Conference.

“Science is so beautiful, and to be denied access to science just because sort of it’s in a different language is unfair to all of us. It’s not fair to the scientists and it’s not fair to us.

Alda’s address will take place August 3rd at 7-pm at the SUNY POLY Field House in Marcy. The public is welcome and tickets are available for $25 dollars.

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