Age is Just a Number When it Comes to this Sport


it’s a known Olympic sport, but did you know some of its best players continue to compete even into their late 80’s?
Eyewitness news reporter Grace Fernandez joined the members at the Utica curling club to see just how competitive they can be.
Well– they’re very competitive, very analytical about the game —which you wouldn’t think? I guess that’s why it’s in the Olympics– but members tell me just how easy it is to pick up the sport– so I gave it a whirl myself.

Joyce Shaffer, is part of the history that keeps the Utica curling club alive.
“40 years, this 2017 will be my 40th year.”
she and her late husband owned a business together and says she needed something other than work–that’s when she found curling.
“I really needed to do something for myself.”
Decades later, nothing is stopping her.
“I think the doctor told me 10 years ago to have 2 knee replacements.”
and all she did was modify her style to curl with a stick.
“I’m curling better, as good as i was 30 years ago so…”
“She’s on a lot of the trophies here, so he was like “Joyce Shaffer, wow! is she still curling? Yeah, I go she still curls and she beat us!” “
Phil Citriniti, a fellow curler says age is just a number.
So it doesn’t matter if you’re young or if you’re old, if you want to compete, you can compete at a very high level in curling.”
He says if you can bowl, you can curl– him and his wife were immediately taken to the sport and the community.
“We tried it out and i think we signed up that day.”
But what they love is the history of the place.
Club historian Joel Scherer says they’re coming up on their 150th anniversary.
“we’re one of the few clubs that went through WWII, WWI and WWII as a continuous club, a lot of clubs closed and then reopened.”
For Joyce and many who keep coming back, they say it’s a home away from home.
“We just all love one another and we love curling so, again just like a big family.”

If you’d like to try the sport and join in on some social fun, the Utica curling club will start a beginners course on February 8th.


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