After Thursday’s boat crash, Oneida Co. Sheriff’s Office talks about safety measures

After Thursday's boat crash, Oneida Co. Sheriff's Office talks about safety measures _-3571898853250938873

As the investigation continues, Eyewitness News visited withthe Oneida County Sheriff’s Office’s Marine Patrol about this deadly crash.

Lt. James McCarthy of the Oneida County Sheriff’s Office saysboating accidents are not overly common and deaths are unusual. The county hadfewer than ten accidents last year.

There are still many unanswered questions from Thursdaynight’s boat crash.

Officials say the boat is still submerged in Oneida Lake,but is scheduled to be recovered Saturday.

And as this crash did happen at night, Lt. McCarthy saysnight boating can be challenging, especially because there are hazards that maynot be visible.

“For these gentlemen we are not familiar with how muchexperience they have. We are still doing interviews I don’t know how familiarthey are with the lake or if the boated at night before. “

But, what are the proper safety measures to take whenboating at night?

“If you don’t have a have a GPS you have to go out by aline of sight, proper speed. Watch your conditions and always maintain a properlook out,” explained Lt. McCarthy.

A proper look out at all times says Lt. McCarthy to watchout for hazards and boating traffic.

And although there is not a speed limit on the lake in openwater, he advises to use common sense especially boating at night. He says itcan get dangerous.

“You are required to have navigation lights. They areto be seen so you can be seen not to see with,” said Lt. McCarthy.

Officials say they’re not certain if all passengers on theboat of the crash were wearing life vests. But, Lt. McCarthy says life jacketsmust be readily available and coast guard approved.

“The key word is accessible because you never plan for anemergency especially on the water. It’s very precarious. We are recommendingyou to wear it and use common sense when operating a boat, especially inadverse conditions,” said Lt. McCarthy.

He also says people don’t usually die from boat crashes orthe injuries. It’s mostly due to drowning.

He says the biggest misconception about these types ofcrashes is that people don’t think it can happen to them.

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