After The Flood: What’s The Next Step For Residents Without Flood Insurance?


Now that the flood waters are receding, many Herkimer County residents are facing the fact that they don’t have flood insurance.

The state has sent insurance representatives to the Herkimer Command Center. They’re helping flood victims figure out their next step; unfortunately, it’s a long and difficult process when residents don’t have flood insurance.

“I wanted to see if anything can be done because the destruction is just.. the outside of the building is getting destroyed,” says Ron Scalise, Herkimer resident and flood victim.

Ron says his property is a mess and the clean-up has only begun.

“I have to move everything, mop it, I have to bring people in, it’s just a lot of time and money. I’m seeing if anything can be done whatsoever because I don’t have flood insurance,” says Ron.

Ron visited with insurance consultants at the command center this morning. They looked over his policy and explained the claims process. He was one of many residents looking for advice.

“We came to ask them if they could go over some points in our policy. It’s a freak disaster and most people do not have flood insurance,” says Michele Marocco, Little Falls resident.

While representatives can’t promise monetary assistance to those without coverage, they say they’re here to move the insurance process along while answering any flood-related questions residents might have.

“Something should be done absolutely. The structure’s located on a hill, there’s no visible water behind it, so we didn’t feel we needed flood insurance,” says Michele.

Ron and Michele were both told the next step is meeting with insurance companies and filing a claim. If they get denied, then they can file for FEMA and hope for some type of federal aid. Until then, it’s a waiting game…

“We’re hoping to at least be reimbursed for structural; decks we lost and maybe some of the tree damage and removal,” says Michele.

“Some of the damage is paid. I don’t have to bare the full burden of everything that’s happened, that’s what I’m hoping,” says Ron.

If you have any insurance-related issues stemming from the flood, the NYS Department of Financial Services representatives will be at the Herkimer Command Center again tomorrow, Thursday, July 11th from 9am to 5pm at Herkimer Village Hall, 120 Green Street, Herkimer, NY.

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