After The Flood: Mosquitoes Are On The Prowl


All this flooding has brought standing-water to the area and that’s the perfect breeding ground for some unfriendly pests: Mosquitoes. Herkimer county residents say mosquitoes are out in full force following the heavy rains. Eyewitness News visited with a dermatology specialist who shares some tips to avoid becoming these mosquitoes’ next meal.

“Bugsprays, something with Deet in it is going to be more effective from keeping you from getting more bug-bites, and then covering up as much as possible as well, you know wearing protective clothing; long sleeves and long pants. And if you’re going to be in the water, you might just want to spray yourself down, as well,” says Michelle Tagliaferri, physician assistant at Southern Tier Dermatology.

While no mosquito specimens in Oneida County tested positive for life-threatening viruses like West- Nile virus in the last year, officials say that doesn’t mean they’re not here. They’re urging residents to use bug-spray.

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