After Burst Pipe, Community Helps Rome Rescue Mission


At the Rome Rescue Mission last week, a burst pipe threatened their work in helping the needy.

“The first thing that I think of when something like this happens is how are we going to provide for the community,” Matthew Miller, the Rescue Mission Executive Director, said. 

The burst pipe resulted in four inches of water in their food pantry.

“We had a tremendous loss of paper goods,” Miller said. “[And we lost] a lot of our dry cereals that we serve for breakfast.”

But then the community stepped in.

“The overwhelming response that we received, we’re just so grateful for the community to be able to provide the services for the less fortunate,” Miller said. 

And those donations, hundreds of dollars worth, have helped get the organization back on track.

“It’s an overwhelming feeling of appreciation,” Miller said. “And knowing that our community is that generous to us is an overwhelming thing. It’s a wonderful thing and I just can’t say how proud I am to be a member of this community.”

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