(WUTR/WFXV/WPNY) – Although New York is a safe haven, can states that have banned abortion legally punish a women for leaving the state to get one? Hamilton College Professor of Government and Law, Frank Anechiarico says this will cause competing state legislation going forward.

“There are a number of work arounds that the states are trying to develop to counter this right to travel,” said Anechiarico.

A number of counter laws between the states will be cast, but one of the roles of the supreme court is to prevent this.

“We have a unified judiciary and the court is supposed to set basic standards for behavior but this decision while it attempts to clear things up I’m afraid has opened a whole other area of ongoing litigation that will be very difficult and divisive.

This may be just the beginning, with some members of the supreme court, including Justice Clarence Thomas going after the future of privacy rights.

“States have taken up I think that hint with regard to outlawing contraceptives the medications that are essentially early term abortions and whether or not those can be blocked going all the way back to the cases decided since 1965 which also involve gay rights and gay marriage. It’s not really scare mongering I think that’s the intention of some of the conservative members of the court,” said Anechiarico.