A Vote to Save New Forest Cemetery


New Forest Cemetery has been struggling for quite sometime due to a lack of board members and finances. The cemetery was on the verge of going into abandonment but hundreds of plot owners gathered at City Hall to vote against it and save the 134 year old cemetery.

At least 318 votes were counted to save the cemetery and 16 people volunteered to be board members.

“I want to give back. I know what it’s like to want to get things done and you lose things so it make me feel like I need to give back to other people because I’ve got that chance to be here.”—Jeremy Hayes, New board member

“Hayes, his brother-in-law and son took it upon themselves to keep up on the landscaping for the cemetery. He says it was a no brainier to volunteer to be on the board.

“I want people to be able to go there and enjoy it. I treat it as if it’s my own back yard, literally you know. I want it to be nice. I can go there, see the animals, let the people come through, they can get to their sites. They can have flowers, they can enjoy everything, that’s what key.”—Hayes

“My hope is to get everything re-organized, to get them up on solid footing and to move on and to keep that cemetery up the way it’s suppose to be.” —Craig Minor, New board member

It was voted that all 16 of the members who volunteered will be the board members. They will meet on July 10th at 6pm at the New Forest Cemetery where they will then pick leadership roles.

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