A Second Vaccine Pod Coming to Oneida County


As more New York residents become eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine, many find themselves waiting to receive it. And as we move into the 1b category , Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the other day that people 65 and older are now eligible for the vaccine. However, numerous New Yorkers are still trying to get the vaccine who fall in the 1a category but cannot because there are no appointments available. Oneida County executive, Anthony Picente says he does not want to open appointments and then not have enough doses.

Over the last five days about 1400 people have been vaccinated in Oneida County at Mohawk Valley Community College.

“That’s a very good number. Very pleased with that. We’re on average about 200 plus a day, nearing 250 a day. Some days higher than that, we obviously want to do more.” —Picente
He says doing more will depend on the number of vaccines they receive. The county received 1300 doses on Tuesday, Picente says Tuesday’s seem to be the days shipments are received. As of now there about 2900 doses remaining.

The county is in the process of setting up another pod at Griffis International Airport in Rome, it will be a drive-thru.
“We hope to have that up and running as early as Friday, I don’t want to get too ahead of ourselves, there is a great deal that goes into setting up these pods.” And more importantly, he says they wants to make sure they have vaccines. The county is opening appointments just a couple days at a time in order to ensure that people do not show up to get vaccinated and they don’t have doses.
Picente is asking everyone to be patient. He is hoping for better communication and coordination from the state.

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