A Love of A Lifetime

It's a story straight out of a Nicholas Sparks novel, making it hard not to feel the love between them. The two love birds, Paul and Madeline Frye took me back in time to when their journey first began.

Paul Frye doesn't live at the Masonic Care Community with his wife, but that doesn't stop him from courting his long time love.
"Everyday, I'm here everyday," said Paul.

Their love story is an unusual one- especially this day and age.
"I was in the military, I was stationed in the state of Kansas."
"So you're telling me your relationship started from writing letters?" I asked. "From writing letters, yes ma'am," Paul responded.

They wrote letters for three years and finally met in person in December of 1957.
"My first reaction was she was very beautiful, and looked great and she had the prettiest brown eyes."
That same month they were engaged. But Paul says the secret recipe to their nearly 60 year marriage took a few ingredients--
"Patience, a lot of love, a lot of understanding, but the most important thing is it took a lot of love for each other."

His wife, Madeline says it's his goofiness that's made it work all these years.
"He makes everybody laugh, that's what I like," said Madeline.
She says the hardest thing is living apart-
 "There's things that you want to share with your other half but you can't share because you're in a room all by yourself."

But Madeline knows he'll soon be stopping by, after all these years she says she still surprises him-- even if it's just with a small cookie.
"We still love each other when i come and see her- I always give her a kiss..." said Paul.

In a time where not a lot of marriages even last a couple years-- the Frye couple say they've left a legacy for their 3 kids.
"That's what love is. Staying together," said Paul.

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