A Day Without Immigrants


Restaurants, shops and many other businesses around the country shut down today for the strike everyone’s calling “A Day Without Immigrants”. It may be on a much smaller scale but Latinos here in Utica want their voices to be heard.

“I’m proud to be a Mexican but this country has given me what Mexico couldn’t,” said Alonso Camano.
This is the message being spread throughout the entire country today.

“You see, we’ve come here to work, we haven’t come to hurt anyone,” said restaurant owner Maria Ochoa.
One by one, members of the Hispanic community here in Utica spoke out in favor of the immigration strike happening around the nation.

“I’m taking part in this strike by not sending my kids to school,” said Camano. Others closed down their businesses and more than 40 people who were present did not go to work.

Of the local businesses I visited this morning a lot didn’t seem to know about the boycott happening nationally but a local beverage distributor told me of the ten businesses he visited this morning non of them were closed, but owner of Los Paisanos restaurant in Cornhill, Maria Ochoa says she closed down her business to stand with immigrants everywhere.

“I consider myself you know equal to everybody else, I’m a citizen…” said Juan Carlos Figueroa. He owns his own construction company and says they’re hard working people but today they’re different cause.
“We’re all different we are hard working people we have our families, we support our families, we work hard we want to be just like everybody else.”

Juan Carlos says even though he believes what’s happening under the trump administration is negative, it’s helping not only Latinos but immigrants everywhere unite.

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