A busy travel day for some as they make their way home for Christmas

A busy travel day for some as they make their way home for Christmas_-3220231600491118337

This time of year many people are spending it with familyand friends.

The Union Train Station in Utica was quite busy Mondayafternoon as people were coming home for the Christmas holiday.

Eyewitness News Reporter Jennifer Lee spoke with one familywho traveled all the way from Arizona.

The Cummings family started their trip at 5:30 in themorning on Saturday, stopped in Chicago to pick up a family member. And todaythey finally made it to Central New York, where they plan on spending the nextfew days with their extended family.

“I’ve always wanted to do a cross-country trip and a familytravel trip,” said Jacquelyn Maglaya Cummings.

Cummings decided she wanted to spend this year’s Christmasin Central New York.

An Arizona resident, she moved away from the Mohawk Valleyin 1981. She says back again for the first time in seventeen years.

“I’m from a large Italian family and they are all stillhere. There are a whole bunch of cousins lined up here so we will be spending Christmaswith them,” explained Cummings.

Jacquelyn says it feels good to be back in her hometown.

“I love this train station. I’m running around takingvideos of it. I remember this. I used to take the train down to NYC when Ilived here,” said Cummings.

She says this Christmas is going to be a little differentfrom the sunny, warm weather her kids are used to.

But, she says they will be carrying out their familytraditions here in Central New York.

“I’m going to show them where i grew up. My family hada cottage. And we are going to show them that. The school I went to, the churchI went to,” said Cummings.

Jacquelyn says she has been documenting the whole trip inher journal as well as taking photos.

Her and her three kids will also be making a quick stop tothe big apple while they’re here.

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