350.org Massachusetts ends vigil over political ‘climate silence’ to escape the actual effects of climate change

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From Green Right Now Reports

We can probably safely award today’s “Most Ironic Story” award to 350.org Massachusetts.

The group had been holding a 24/7 vigil (that may be redundant) in Boston to draw attention to the “climate silence” in the Massachusetts Senatorial race between Sen. Scot Brown and challenger Elizabeth Warren.

Their vigil is part of a larger movement to break the silence on climate change in many political venues, from the presidential race to state politics.

After hearing that Hurricane Sandy, a super storm which scientists believe has been worsened by climate change, would lash Boston with high winds and rain, the group announced it was packing up.

Their letter on Facebook explains the plan, and notes the irony:

Hi all, After careful consideration, we have decided that the best course of action at this point is to end the Vigil for Climate Silence at noon today, Monday. This storm is predicted to cause dangerous winds, disruptive flooding and power outages and the public transit system may not remain open through the storm. We feel that safety of participants and making sure people don’t get stranded downtown without a way to get home is more important than sticking it out.

Thanks to the 6 people who came out this morning and those who planned to come in later. Thanks to the folks who made it through last night’s night shift. Thanks to them, we finally made the news!

We should all feel proud of what we have accomplished in the last week and move forward with resolve and energized for our next effort.

We have a ton of video footage and photos that we will be posting in the coming day. Please send any stories, photos and videos to photos@350ma.org.

This storm is further evidence of what we are facing as a result of climate change and why we need to make sure it is part of the public debate. Please take this opportunity to communicate this in the coming days. Onward!

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