3 New COVID Strains: Will the Vaccine Still Be Effective?


(WUTR-TV) — 3 new strains of COVID-19 have emerged from the U.K., South Africa and Brazil. The CDC reports that these new variants are more contagious but there’s no word yet if they’re more deadly. They also said that even though they’re different from COVID’s original variants, the vaccines can still recognize them.

“It’s almost like a hand and glove. It kind of comes over it and says nope, not today. Okay? So the U.K. Variant has some modification to that shape but not a lot. The South African strain have several different changes to that shape. The antibody can still attach but not as well.” – Dr. Kent Hall Chief Physician Executive, MVHS

Dr. Hall explains that these mutations are natural part of evolution. But how does the virus decide to what to change?

“That’s what evolution does but they’re all random. You know so this changes you know it says oh that really didn’t help me that I don’t care about that. It’s going to keep on going. This change is oh look this makes it easier for me to get into cells so that i can make more of myself.” – Dr. Kent Hall Chief Physician Executive, MVHS

Regardless of these variants, Dr. Hall says anyone who can get the vaccine, should because some protection is better than none.

“Pfizer and Moderna are saying is we’re going to modify our vaccine so that you can get a booster shot that’s specific to this. So, we’re going to continue to monitor it because it would be very surprising if there weren’t another strain that comes out from somewhere you know that has more mutations. . . Even though it’s not as effective it is still effective against these, so you should get it because it will still protect you to a certain extent from these.” – Dr. Kent Hall Chief Physician Executive, MVHS

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