100th Anniversary of Original Half Moon Cookie


UTICA, N.Y. (WUTR-TV) — If you come to Utica there’s 3 foods you’ve got to try, tomato pie, Utica greens and the half moon cookie. Located right off of the arterial is Hemstrought’s, home to the original half moon cookie.

“This particular cookie that was started by the Hemstrought’s family was baked from scratch everyday. We continue to bake it from scratch everyday and they’re hand frosted. It’s something that we started 100 years ago, it’s very very popular and it’s something that Utica should be proud.” – Dan Dowe, Owner, Hemstrought’s Bakeries

Dan says the bakery’s 100 year anniversary of the half moon was back in April, but they’ll be celebrating all year by bringing back some of Hemstrought’s original treats.

“We were celebrating the birthday everyday because you’re only 100 years old once. What we thought to do is every month we would re-awaken the brand by bringing back one of the golden oldies. So, we started with apple rolls and then cinnamon buns and morphed into a new Hemstrought half moon product but we’re going to roll out like lemon meringue pies, the rye breads and the things that people equate with Hemstrought’s going back.” – Dan Dowe, Owner, Hemstrought’s Bakeries

Although Dan isn’t connected to the original owners, he says he will continue to carry on the family’s name.

“We were looking for a bakery at the time never thinking that we’d have the opportunity of being a part of the Hemstrought’s bakery tradition.” – Dan Dowe, Owner, Hemstrought’s Bakeries

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