HUDSON FALLS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – This week, WSWHE BOCES received a financial boost for one of its programs. A significant grant will help the school’s machine tool program keep up to date with equipment, and welcome more students through its doors to get equipped for the trades.

BOCES received a grant from the Gene Haas Foundation, to help with tuition program needs at the Employment Training for Adults (ETA) Machine Tool Technology program. The program equips adult learners to use machinery and tools in a variety of work environments.

“If you look around, you won’t see a product that didn’t have a machine tool involved in its creation,” said Allendale Machinery sales engineer Dave Sharpe. “For example, your toaster, refrigerator, or furnace all had machine tools making components or tooling. Medical products like the MRIs used in diagnosis are made locally. The list seems endless. The demand is behind the supply for trained people to operate the manufacturing equipment for industry.”

Sharpe presented the check to program instructor Jason Viele, as well as Administrator for Adult Programs Michelle Stockwell. The Gene Haas Foundation is run by Haas Automation, which creates a main product used by Allendale Machinery Systems.

BOCES’ Machine Tool Technology program consists of 500 hours of training for adults looking to enter machine tool trade jobs. The course includes basic skills, mathematics, lectures and shop experience, and is held at the Southern Adirondack Education Center in Judson Falls. This year’s program started on Nov. 28, and runs through June 21, 2023.