Meet Kim Martin, the Campus Executive Director at Brookdale Senior Living in Clinton, New York. Mary Brewer, who works under Martin, nominated her. She says she has been a mentor to her and now she calls her a friend.

“She’s really motivated me in professional ways and in personal ways. I love working under her because she’s teaching me to grow and you know how I want to grow as a manager. She pushed me to go back to school. I really appreciate everything that she has done for me and just watching her work, the way she interacts with families, residents and how she puts everybody and everything before herself. She’s very selfless. this community is really everything to her. So I’m just very grateful to be working with her day by day.” —Mary Brewer, Business Officer Manager

When the pandemic first hit, Kim immediately took action, “Kim just dove right in, no fear. Before our company even put things into place, Kim was already thinking, how are we going to keep people safe, what are we going to do? What are the actions we’re going to take?” —Mary Brewer

“For me it was educating myself, educating the staff, talking to families. We had weekly calls with every single family. We had memos going out to the residents explaining don’t be afraid, it’s okay. It was tough the day we said okay no more visitors. We had staff going up and down the hallways with their cell phones so that the families could see what the residents were doing.” —Kim Martin

The final judging committee will be a panel of judges from WGNA News Nation.
The grand prize winner will receive a commemorative crystal award alongside a $5,000 contribution to the charity of their choice.
The local market winner will have a donation made to the charity of their choice in the amount of $1,000