1. Pre-1500
    Native Americans have lived in the Americas for thousands of years before Spanish arrive. A large population of Timucuan Indians are already settled in northeast Florida when the Spanish arrive in the 1500’s
  2. 1503
    Africans arrive with Spaniards – Juan Garrido was the first free black person in the Americas and first person to grow wheat in the New World
  3. 1565
    Pedro Menéndez de Aviles founds St Augustine in “La Florida” with hundreds of Colonists
  4. 1606
    St. Augustine’s first black baptism was recorded in 1606, one year before the founding of Jamestown, Virginia
  5. 1607
    Jamestown, Virginia is founded by the English. St. Augustine has been settled already for 42 years
  6. 1595-
    Archive of the Diocese of St. Augustine Historical Document of first baptism of African American Child in what is now the United States
  7. 1687
    The first runaway slaves from northern plantations are granted asylum in St. Augustine
  8. 1693
    A Royal Spanish decree is issued by King Charles II grants freedom and protection to all British colonial runaway slaves who agree to convert to Catholicism and serve Spain
  9. 1738
    The foundation of Gracia Real de Santa Teresa de Mose. “Fort Mose”, is authorized. It becomes the first freed Black settlement in what is now the United States; Francisco Menendez is appointed captain of Fort Mose’s free Black Militia
  10. 1740
    Enraged with Spain for helping escaped Carolina slaves, the British under General James Oglethorpe attack St. Augustine, forcing Fort Mose residents to flee
  11. 1821
    Florida officially annexed as a United States Territory
  12. 1845
    Florida becomes a State
  13. 1865
    End of the Civil War
  14. 1866
    Bishop Verot requests that sisters of St Joseph of Le Puy, France come to St. Augustine to open up a school for newly freed black children after the Civil War
  15. 1866
    Former slaves established the community of Lincolnville also known as “Little Africa”
  16. 1868
    The St Benedict Catholic School for African American’ children is opened in Lincolnville
  17. 1916
    Three nuns from the Sisters of St. Joseph are arrested for teaching African-American students
  18. 1964
    The Civil Rights Act is enacted after St Augustine serves as a national and international; stage for protests led by the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Andrew Young and Dr. Robert Hayling, among others
  19. 2014
    St. Augustine community commemorates the 50th Anniversary of the Passage of the Civil Rights Act
  20. 2015
    St Augustine celebrates its 450th anniversary as the nation’s oldest continuously occupied European settlement rich in cultural diversity from 1565