Supporters, protesters come out for Trump’s Syracuse visit

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Donald Trump supporters lined up along South State Street waiting for a chance to see him inside The Oncenter.

Many spoke about the need for jobs and tax breaks and say Trump is the candidate who can make that happen.

“If I dreamt up a perfect candidate, it might not be Donald Trump,” said Sara Farmer, of North Syracuse. “But out of the people there, he’s bringing us to consider what the government is doing. What’s happening in our country and I think that’s more important. The voice of the people, which has not ever been important in the past.”

Countless supporters say Trump can count on their vote come Tuesday.

“I feel our country has deviated away from what our country stands for,” said Carrie Christman, of Buffalo. “I am an Air Force veteran and I support and defend our constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. I believe that Donald Trump also feels the same way.”

Some voters say they’re still deciding on which candidate they will support after they attend as many rallies as possible. 

Josh Walsh, of Binghamton, says he has also stopped by Sen. Ted Cruz’s event yesterday in Cicero.

Walsh says he attended Trump’s rally looking for answers.

“I want to hear how he wants to approach what he says he’s going to do, what his actually plan is,” Walsh said. 

Opposite of Trump’s crowd – dozens of protesters gathered across the street.

“We have a really wonderful community here that’s full of all kinds of diverse people that includes Muslims, immigrants, un-documented and documented,” said Nikeeta Slade, of Syracuse. “It includes women, LGBT people. Everything that Trump supports – it’s what I’m against.”

Syracuse Police say despite the large number of supporters and protesters for the Republican front-runner – there was no violence and no arrests were made.

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