GOP candidate John Kasich campaigns in CNY

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Republican presidential candidate John Kasich visited Le Moyne College Friday to try and gain support from Central New Yorkers ahead of the crucial New York primary on April 19.

Kasich addressed a crowd of nearly 2,000, discussing his plans for jobs and the country’s economy.

“It takes common sense regulations, so we’re not killing small business. It takes lower taxes on business and individuals and finally, it takes fiscal sanity so we’re not blowing money like there’s no tomorrow. Those three things will create an environment where people who have the ability to create jobs will have the confidence to do just that,” Kasich said.

The Republican presidential candidate says propelling the economy goes hand-in-hand with ending poverty, something he says is hard to escape, if not impossible.

“When we give people help, we need to make sure we’re also giving them the skills to be able to get a job. I’m a believer that you bring the businesses into the welfare office so somebody gets help, they also get trained for a job that actually exists,” Kasich said.

291 delegates are up for grabs on the Democratic side and 95 for the Republicans in New York’s primary— which is now even more important with recent wins by Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders, who are both trying to desperately close the gap on Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

All candidates have announced an Upstate New York campaign stop before the state primary.

NewsChannel 9’s Farah Jadran was on scene at Kasich’s town hall. Click the players to see the coverage.

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