Poll site coordinators say that in comparison to past elections, this is the busiest election day they have ever seen. “A lot of first time voters, a lot of older people” said poll site coordinator Leo Clallari “A quarter to six they were lined up in the hallway ready to vote. It’s more busy now than when Obama ran the first and second time.”

The warm fall weather is one of the reasons why so many Central New Yorkers have come out to cast their ballots. “I had to vote, whether I came on crutches or what I came on” explained 91 year old voter  Betty Berg. “I think we need a major change in this country.”

Betty Berg has been voting in every election since she’s been able to. The president then?
“Roosevelt!” explained an excited Berg.

As for  today, Betty is glad the election season is almost over; “I’ve never seen it dragged out like this. I just hope that they party I voted for wins!”

But overall, she is happy she was able to vote. “I feel wonderful that I was able to get out and do my duty.”

Approximately four thousand people are expected to vote in this center alone.