Democratic Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi says although he didn’t support Donald Trump for President, he thinks it’s time for our country to become unified.

” Elections are elections, but now’s a time that we move forward and we work together to try to govern the country,” said Brindisi, “Look, if the president is successful, the country is going to be successful, and I wish him the best.”

Mayor Palmeiri thinks that as President, bringing people together going to be crucial for Trump.

“I think we all rally around the elected president at this point and support him. And we become one,” Said Palmeiri, “Bringing people together is going to be the main objection of what he’s going to have to do.”

In terms of government, Brindisi says there are benefits to having Donald Trump as President. 

I think that on a local and state level, this is a good thing for New York State,” Brindisi explained, ” Because Donald Trump is a New Yorker…. President-elect Trump is a New Yorker. This is the first time in a long time that a New Yorker has been President. He is someone who has traveled through Upstate New York, so he knows the area. And I think when we have concerns on a national level, it will be a good thing to have a New Yorker in the White House.

Mayor Palmeiri Agrees.

“If nothing else, I’m just hoping that the two great senators we have, Gillibrand and Schumer and President-Elect Trump now from New York,” said Palmeiri, “I’m sure he is going to look at us hopefully with open eyes and try to do whatever he can to stimulate New York— specifically, Utica, New York.”