Animal Adventure Park home to the world’s most famous giraffe

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The Southern Tier is home to the world’s most famous giraffe and she can finally have visitors again! 

The Animal Adventure Park, just outside of Binghamton, has begun its eighth season after not knowing what its future looked like. Having found a way to host its guests safely, park owner Jordan Patch says they can get back to business. 

“Every year, it’s the same answer. It’s watching our guests come in, hearing the oohs and ahs, seeing the excitement of children, and having them experience what’s been added, what’s new, and what’s been improved on,” Patch said.

The park has taken several steps to make sure its visitors are as safe as possible, including spray-painting markers six feet apart from each other throughout the property. 

Visitors have been flocking to the new exhibits to see the new animals, including African Blackfoot Penguins Tootsie, Toodles, and Tux. These penguins love warmer weather, and can flourish in temperatures ranging from 40 to 80 degrees. 

Patch said, “Animal Adventure Park, in its entirety, is an interactive educational park. We don’t just have a petting zoo area. The whole  park is designed to allow our guests to get up close and get hands-on with a number of species.” 

There are lots of things visitors can do as they come to Animal Adventure Park, and one of them is to meet and feed the famous giraffe, April, and her son, Tajiri.

Of course, one of the cornerstones of the entire park is April, who gained worldwide attention while giving birth to Tajiri, and many people stop to see her. 

People from all over the state have been coming to the park since it reopened to foot traffic, and many are describing it as a fresh distraction from the pandemic.

April, and all the other animals in the park, are waiting to meet new friends like you. 

The park is open seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., with last admissions at 3 p.m. For those who are more comfortable staying in their cars, the park has a drive-in zoo on Thursday mornings from 9 to 10 a.m.

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