UTICA, N.Y. (WUTR/WFXV/WPNY-TV)— Meet Debbie Price, a Pre-school teacher at Mohawk Valley Community Action Agency. But when COVID hit, she took on another role, caring for families in the community.

With help from her agency, Debbie has been on the front lines of food assistance since the start of COVID. She has helped a lot of families through the NIF site and other sites that reach out to her for assistance.

“And I just felt like no parent should be without food at a time like this. That should be the least of our worries at this point with everything going on.” – Debbie

Debbie started donating her own food and if there was something someone needed that she didn’t have, she would go out and purchase it herself. She was also coordinating with others that she knew who also wanted to donate food. Debbie would pick the food up and bring it back to her home where she had set up a small food pantry in her basement.

Eric Price is Debbie’s husband and nominator told Eyewitness News that it’s not just canned and boxed food that she would get for people.

“Especially when it was a family and say there wasn’t enough produce or there weren’t meat products or something like that. Because a lot of the things were canned and boxed. And she knows the value of having something fresh in your meal plans. So, she did that more times that I would like to say.”– Eric Price

Debbie’s family have also gotten involved and have been a tremendous help her.  They assist her with organizing the food and delivering the food to the people that need it.