UTICA, N.Y. (WUTR/WFXV/WPNY) – The Utica Zoo is happy to have recently unveiled their new pair of Red Foxes Todd & Theo. They have fully moved into their new home and are now ready to greet visitors.

Left: Theo Right: Todd

Todd & Theo are rescue foxes that came from Arctic Fox Daily Wildlife Rescue Inc. in Williamson, NY, and have been together most of their life. They were both hit by cars when they were ‘pups’ and both suffer from injuries that prevented them from being released back into the wild. Both foxes have also undergone surgeries and physical rehabilitation that have given them a second chance.

“Both foxes would not have survived in the wild, without rehabilitation, and relocation at the Utica Zoo,” said Andria Heath, Executive Director of the Utica Zoo, “We’re so happy they did the surgery, it really has improved their life.”

Todd has received care from two of Utica Zoo’s Veterinarian technicians for a leg injury that he received in a car accident. The leg later became infected, which required it to be amputated. Todd also lives with a congenital eye condition known as “Microphthalmia” but is something that he has learned to live with and functions normally. Theo was also injured in a car accident and suffered an eye injury. He was in rehabilitation for a year at the Arctic Fox Daily Wildlife Rescue center and has now recovered.

Both foxes were happy and comfortable in their new enclosure and the Utica Zoo Staff is very excited to welcome them to their wildlife family. The exhibit is now live and anyone interested in visiting Todd & Theo is now welcome!

“Through targeted training and positive reinforcement, they have become acclimated and at home at the Zoo.” – Andria Heath

Todd and Theo’s habitat