Cafeterias Post-Pandemic at Utica City Schools


UTICA, NY (WUTR-TV) — We are just a few weeks away from the start of the new school year. What will lunch time be like at Utica City Schools?

Students are going to be eating their breakfast and lunches at their desks, the cafeteria will only be used for grab and go meals. Lunch aids will be bringing the food to the classrooms. “We’re going to bring the lunch down to the classrooms so the kids would eat at their desks and that’s to limit the movement under the state guidelines,” says Michael Ferraro, Director of Food Services, City of Utica Schools.

In every school, grab & go meals will be picked up in the cafeteria. “We also have to feed the remote learning kids at the same time. [The district] is doing a cohort A and B. On cohort A days, the B will be home remote learning — we have to offer those people breakfast and lunch too,” says Ferraro.

The district plans to stick with the same menu from last school year. With grab & go meals, it’ll be prepared a little bit different. “It’s going to be a grab & go, but for a hot food day, we would give them instructions on how to prepare and warm the food up when they get home, were trying to not be it the same bag lunch,” says Ferraro.

More information about the new food services will be available on the district’s website within the next few weeks.

“We’ve been preparing since March, with the covid feeding, went pretty smoothly. We fixed a lot of the kinks, that you would have with any normal change like that we’re confident that it’ll be good,” says Ferraro.

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