Otsego County Board of Representatives Vote to Layoff 59 County Employees


OTSEGO COUNTY, NY (WUTR-TV) — Since the covid-19 pandemic took affect in New York state, Otsego County has been financially hurting. On Wednesday, through a virtual conference, the County Board of Representatives had to make some tough decisions to bridge the gap of lost revenue, that is voting to layoff 59 county employees.

There’s about 500 county employees, so these cuts are affecting about 10% of the county’s workforce. “I don’t think there’s any department that hasn’t been affected,” says David Bliss, Board Chair. He says this is one of the largest layoffs Otsego County has faced in a long time.

“Conservatively now, [we’re facing] about a $14.5M budget gap. This is going to get us a little bit under a million [dollars]. We have cut properly six to seven dollars worth of projects already in our budget,” says Bliss. Otsego County is a county that depends greatly on their sales tax and bed tax, and because of the pandemic, that revenue has not been coming in for months. The board may continue making cuts if need be.

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