SOUTH UTICA, NY (WUTR-TV) — Vernon Downs Management made the announcement on Wednesday that they are canceling moe.’s Miracle Mile Drive-In concert due to covid-19 health and safety concerns concerns. The concert would have been Friday and Saturday. Instead, the band is celebrating their 30th anniversary live streaming from the Big Blue North recording studio in South Utica. moe. has been rehearing at the studio previously. Click here to purchase moe. live stream tickets.

“Music brings people together. in this time of a really divided country – we need that more than ever,” says Pam Jardieu, Co owner/station manager at Big Blue North. The recording studio has been operating inside a former church for nearly 17 years. Due to covid-19, the studio closed their doors in February and only opened in the beginning of July. The live-music entertainment industry falls under phase four of New York State’s reopening plan. “We’ve limited our capacity, we can only have ten people in the studio. The building is 5,000 square ft, so we can clearly do six feet of separation. We’re requiring masks for everybody unless you’re singing,” says Jardieu.

Pam and her husband Jeff are more than happy to comply with the new changes. Overall, they’re just thrilled to see live music slowly making it’s way back to reality. “This is an opportunity to do this. So we’re investing… we’re not running away. We’re investing in some streaming technology, so we can have more services so our clients we’re investing in the building — we’ve done a covid make-over we’ve taken the time to paint and brush up stuff, that we don’t have time to do, and we know this is going to end if we all pull into this direction it will all end sooner.