Cuomo Proposes “Rolling Deployment” of COVID-19 Resources


New York State still has to get their own resources in order, but Gov. Andrew Cuomo said he’d be ready to help other states once the state passes their “apex” of infection.

He called the plan “rolling deployment” – he’s asking for as many resources as the federal government can muster to fight COVID-19, then Cuomo will send those resources to other states when their infection rates climb.

With 30,811 confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus in New York State, Cuomo maintains his estimation that 140,000 hospital beds will be needed. He said 40,000 need to be intensive care beds, or beds with a ventilator.

Right now, he says the state has access to about 15,000 ventilators – he already has 4,000, the state has purchased 7,000 and the federal government is sending 4,000. He wants to explore “splitting” ventilators – seeing if two people can be sustained on a single machine. If it works, it would slash the state’s ventilator need in half.

New York has also opened a state hotline to get in touch with a mental health professional, to help deal with the struggle of isolation. So far, Cuomo says, 6,175 mental health professionals have signed up to help care for people. That phone number is 1 (844) 863-9314.

Cuomo also criticized the federal government’s $3 trillion COVID-19 relief bill, saying the $3.8 billion allocated for New York State just wasn’t enough, that it was “terrible”. He said the state needs more help than that, that the state has already lost over a billion dollars during this pandemic.

As of this afternoon, 285 New Yorkers have died from COVID-19.

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