COOPERSTOWN, NY (WUTR-TV) — The staff at Cooperstown Central Schools is ready to welcome their students to come back to the classrooms September 9th, 2020. After Governor Cuomo gave the green light for school districts to open in Fall, Eyewitness News reached out to Cooperstown Central School District.

“We communicated our plan about five weeks ago, the written plan was ready to go last week before the deadline but we, we really thought were should be some major changes to it, so we just submitted it last night,” says Dr. Dr. William Crankshaw, Superintendent of Cooperstown CSD.

Originally, the district had intentions to bring all their students in at a later date, possibly the end of September. The plans were changed, students will head back September 9th, 2020. “Our plan states right now that K-12 will all go back in person, in a hybrid model so two to three days a week, and that’s according to a cohort schedule of A and B. So we divided our students in half essentially…” says Crankshaw.

The district is also offering parents 100% remote instruction. the state is requiring districts to have a number of meetings with parents and teacher but Crankshaw says he’ll probably hold more than expected. He says parents have been very responsive to the changes. “I can’t really say people have been overwhelmingly excited about anything — I think they’ve been supportive to the degree that’s really helpful for the school district to get it right,” says Crankshaw.

To see the full Cooperstown CSD reopening plans click here.