Business is blooming at North Star Orchards


WESTMORELAND, NY (WUTR-TV) — As the weather gets nicer, people want to get out to do outdoor activities, like gardening, and they’re heading to North Star Orchards to get all the supplies they need.

The pandemic is not stopping gardeners from using their green thumb. George Joseph, owner of North Star Orchards says sales are up 20% to 30% comparing to this time last year. “When you have people at home, what gives them more joy than to fix up their home and so they think more about planting trees and flowers and shrubs and they work around their home — that has given us a good jump start on the season,” says Joseph.

For this spring season, North Star planted about 100,000 tulips in their field, and just from two weekends of holding their U-Cut tulips event, the field is now empty until next year! The event was held by complying with the proper social distancing precautions.

Want something fun to do outside this weekend? The orchards are in full bloom. George and all of the other employees are inviting people to walk through the orchards. “…As long as they keep social distance and put a mask on… they’re going to be in for a treat because rarely you get to see a full bloom like this,” says Joseph.

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