First day of school 2020: CNY students adapt


(WUTR) — The first day of school is usually a normal day for New York State children, but this year is anything but. One local teacher at Poland said it’s going well enough as every student filed into the school.

“I have a window-side view of parents dropping off, we have different routes now for parents dropping off their kids because we have so many transporting their own,” said Teri Zuchowski, a 6th-grade teacher at Poland. “It looked like that went really smoothly.”

There are 12 students in Zuchowski’s class, counting the three remote learners. Zuchowski said she hasn’t seen that class size in 19 years when she first arrived at Poland.

“The big thing for us is going to be making sure those virtual learners are with us and feel like they’re with us,” said Zuchowski. “That they are a part of the class.”

Zuchowski spent most of the first class period trying to get her three remote learners connected. Those students get to look in through a camera that sits on her desk. 
The students were mostly quiet and tense on their first day.

“That’s important for us to realize. Like, okay, let’s take a mask break,” said Zuchowski. “And those are going to be staying in your seat, you’re not talking, but just that time to kind of relax.”

During her class, Zuchowski talked about hope for lockers and more hands-on learning. For now, it’s masks up and six feet apart.

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