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New Childrens Book:Welcome to Eddie’s World of Learning & Education–Environmental Eddie Let’s Talk Series: Air Pollution

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Environmental Eddie say's "Remember to Protect-it for Future Generations!"

MPM Enterprises LLC announced today November 21, 2023, that their first new children's book has a scheduled launch date of Earth Day 2024.

This is a must-have book for your child (8-12), school, teacher or library!”
— A must have book!

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, November 21, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ -- MPM Enterprise LLC announced today, November 21, 2023, that their first new children’s book has a scheduled launch date in the spring of 2024, Earth Day. This book is titled, Welcome to Eddie’s World of Learning and Education – Environmental Eddie - Let’s Talk Series: Air Pollution (ISBN: 979-8-9869638-0-8). Author Al Chaney, MBA, believes that any child can learn about the environment and how to protect it at an early age if guided through an environmental educational awareness process. This book focuses on just that!

The book introduces the main character, Environmental Eddie, our protagonist hero who is 10 years old. While watching the evening news, Eddie listens to the television weather reporter talk about how air pollution has increased over the years in his hometown. He immediately responds to the challenge, “I know I can help reduce air pollution!” However, Eddie must first acquire the knowledge, confidence, and skills to reduce air pollution. Fortunately, his school district has recently established an environmental academy run by a very knowledgeable environmental scientist, Professor Anna von Smart. Dr. Smart is also a theoretical physicist. Eddie and his friends travel to the multiverse (New City) where the enlightened Dr. Omni bequeaths the Scroll of Knowledge to Professor von Smart to teach the kids how to solve the problem of air pollution. Eddie must master the skills necessary to reduce air pollution by attending and graduating from the academy. Time is of the essence!

This book also covers elements of fantasy, science fiction, critical thinking, problem solving, science technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM).

Welcome to Eddie’s World of Learning and Education can teach your child skills that can be applied to many situations in a fun and entertaining way that can last their lifetime!

This is a must-have book for your child (8-12), school, teacher or library!

Environmental Eddie’s trademark quote is, “Remember to Protect-it for Future Generations!” Our hope is that this proclamation will become universally recognized as a worldwide icon for environmental awareness, education, and protection. The U.S. Forest Service has a famous bear who speaks up for fire prevention. We plan to make Environmental Eddie an international ambassador for educating school children about the environment. E. Ashley Chaney, PsyD, Vice President of MPM Marketing and Communications, said, “We plan to accomplish this through books, public appearances, teacher training workshops, consulting, and social marketing.”

Environmental Eddie’s profile can be seen on social media websites: Facebook (Facebook), LinkedIn (LinkedIn: (31) Environmental Eddie | LinkedIn), and X (Environmental Eddie (@Environmen5947) / X (twitter.com) Twitter.

The first installment of the Welcome to Eddie’s World of Learning and Education series is planned to be available in the spring of 2024 (Earth Day). The series is planned to be available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, IngramSpark, Draft2Digital, and Lulu.

About the author: Al Chaney, MBA is a retired Integrated Waste Management Specialist (IWMS) formally with the California Environmental Protection Agency (CIWMB). In this position he was the liaison for all of the public colleges in California on recycling and waste diversion. He assisted colleges in helping their campuses to be greener. Mr. Chaney is currently registered as a grant reviewer with the US Department of Education (G5).

For more information, please email the author at: eddie@environmental-eddie.com or call 256-441-2974

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