Rome’s downtown revitalization initiative: Progress and project plans for 2020

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ROME, N.Y. (WUTR-TV) — Back in 2017, Rome was awarded a 10 million dollar grant from New York state for their downtown revitalization initiative. Construction for the project began last year and they have until 2021 to complete all the construction. Since construction started, the city has demolished the Liberty Street parking garage and built an 80-spot parking lot in its place. A green space was left beside it for a possible housing project. Mayor Jacqueline Izzo says it’s been a long process but progress is finally speeding up.

“The Centro Bus Shelter is under construction out on West the Liberty Street and hopefully will be done here in the first quarter. So, that will be a nice heated air-conditioned area people to wait for the bus downtown. City hall, City Green and Liberty James garage are under design. those will be the next bigger projects to step off along with the Capitol Theater. $450,000 is going into the Reach building that will be a complimentary arts and culture type of building with the Capitol Theater. So we really are developing an arts and cultural corridor throughout our downtown.” – Mayor Jacqueline Izzo

At Erie Boulevard and West Dominick Street, a 60-unit apartment building will be built and the building will have areas for creative spaces like dance and art studios. The goal is to bring more cultural arts to the community.

“Those will be geared towards the arts we’re hoping to bring some real creative talent into rome and they will be mid market-rate apartments we’re really excited about those.” – Mayor Jacqueline Izzo

With less than 2 years left to finish all the projects, Izzo says they’re hoping to complete the bulk of these projects by the end of 2020.

“At the end of 2020 Cetro Bus Transfer Station will be up. The Liberty-George area, as far as the parking lot is complete, Thrive is open, hopefully The Balanced Chef will be open. Work should begin on the Capitol Theater and the Reach building. So we have a lot going on.”- Mayor Jacqueline Izzo

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