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NYS Cuts Tobacco Cessation Programs

NYS Cuts Tobacco Cessation Programs
If you want to quit smoking and you think taking classes might help, you better sign-up soon. New York State is cutting tobacco control funding and tobacco cessation classes will also be on the chopping block. Here at home, the Tri-County Tobacco Cessation Center will end it's classes July 1st. But more than that, they're worried the center will not be able to stay afloat. Two cessation centers in Central New York will be forced to close. And Oneida County employees just hope it won't be theirs.

"Madison County has a smoking rate of 25%, Herkimer is 22%, Oneida is just shy of 25%, whereas the state is 17%. You're going to lose the detailing we're able to provide to our local area," says Eileen Gleason, Tobacco Cessation Officer.

Gleason says there are currently 20 cessation centers in New York. This cut will bring that number down to 10 cessation centers.
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