Implosion Raffle

Implosion Raffle

WIFX raffles off chance to implode building on Fay Street.

The Scott Towers in downtown Greenville, South Carolina were imploded Sunday morning. The 14-story public housing site was demolished to make way for a new apartment complex. Four-hundred pounds of dynamite were used to get the job done. The Scott Towers were built in 1970 and housed low-income seniors. Structural problems in the towers were discovered three years ago.

Which bring us home to Utica. We have more about the impending Fay Street warehouse implosion.

As we reported, the building it set to come down Sunday. Our friends at WIBX radio is putting on the competition for who gets to initiate the implosion on Sunday, February 9.

Tuesday they told us that the reason behind the competition—it’s all about community involvement.

"Any times there’s progress being made and a positive being made in your community. I think you want more people to be aware of it and to be supportive of it," says Polly Wogg, Townsquare Media.

There are several businesses that are getting involved in the implosion.

Watch and listen for more about all of us here at WUTR-TV.

All local Taco Bells are joining Hoopla in their celebration of the implosion by donating to the Utica Youth Bureau.

You can buy a decal that will go up in the restaurant. All proceeds from those will go right to the youth bureau.

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