First ever CNY Adopt-A-Thon this weekend

First ever CNY Adopt-A-Thon this weekend

A challenge to get one hundred dogs and cats adopted in only eight days gets underway this weekend. The group "Lainey's Army" is named after a dog that starved to death back in May.
A challenge to get one hundred dogs and cats adopted in only eight days gets underway this weekend. 

"Lainey's Army" is working to put an end to animal abuse, while giving dogs and cats in need of a home a place to live.  The group is working side by side with area shelters, saving animals and making room for more.

Kim Strong of Lainey's Army said, "The shelters and rescues are full.  When we get people to adopt an animal, that makes room for two, so one adoption saves two lives - - the one you take home and the one you make room for."

Kim Strong is the founder of "Lainey's Army."  Lainey was found starving to death at a home in Camden.  She died two days after being rescued.

"People that decided that they were tired of hearing animal abuse cases, they were tired of doing nothing, they wanted to do something.  They wanted justice for this sweet little girl," said Strong.

A dog that will soon be looking for a new home is "Prince."  He was found in Vernon last Saturday, on the side of the road.  Kim is now caring for him and says they couldn't have met eachother at a more special time.

"We were really worried that he was going to be another Lainey, that he just wasn't going to have enough fight in him.  Now he's walking, and he's howling, and he's wining.  Every day he gets stronger.  He has the heart of Lainey.  So it's really kind of ironic that we got this dog a week before this event started," said Strong.

It's because of dogs like "Prince" and "Lainey" that Kim and others have banded together, in an attempt to get 100 dogs and cats adopted in just eight days.  They have set up shop on Commercial Drive in New Hartford.  There you'll also find a large garage sale and the money raised will be divided among area shelters.

"Every picture of every adoptable dog and cat is on the wall in there or will be on the wall tomorrow morning," said Strong.

Those at the Stevens Swan Humane Society say the shelter is filled to capacity, with about 100 dogs and 150 cats.  If you're interested in adopting an animal, buying garage sale items or making a donation, the CNY Adopt-A-Thon kicks off tomorrow at 4624 Commerical Drive, New Hartford - - next to Moe's.  It will run the following days and hours:

August 17-18:  11 am - 2 pm

August 19-23:  Noon - 5 pm

August 24-25:  11 am - 2 pm

August 25:  Animal Rally (bring your own pets) 2 pm
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