The Stanley Theater Goes Green

The Stanley Theater Goes Green

The Stanley Theatre got some new LED light bulbs Friday to light the historical theatre.

The Stanley Theater is going green Friday all through an incentive from National Grid.

The historic theater is partnering with Green Ignite from Yorkville who's supplying them with LED bulbs.

The new eco-friendly light bulbs will put out the same amount of light at the Stanley, if not more, but the bottom line is, it will save them about eighty percent on their electricity bills.

"We're so excited about that because we're doing all we can here at the Stanley to keep the doors open and that would involve more events, more revenue coming in and less expenses, so this helps us to go green and save money for the Stanley," said Stanley Theatre executive director Jerry Kraus.

Right now the Stanley has replaced the light bulbs in the lobby, inside the theatre and the dressing rooms.

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